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Difference between induction furnace and power frequency furnace

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Power frequency furnace and induction furnace have the following differences:

1. Induction furnace has high power density and high productivity That is, under the same stirring force and capacity, the induction furnace can input 3 times the power of the power frequency furnace. In other words, the crucible size of the induction furnace with the same power is only one third of the crucible size of the power frequency furnace In larger furnaces, the input power of induction furnace is about twice that of power frequency furnace due to the influence of inductor line current and voltage

2. The induction melting furnace can empty the furnace charge each time it is smelted, which is easy to change the type of metal to be melted, quick melting, no need to melt, and easy to use. While the power frequency furnace needs to reserve some residual metal liquid for melting,

3. Under the same productivity conditions, the selected induction furnace has a small capacity, so it occupies a small area, uses less furnace lining materials, and has low operating costs

4. The induction melting furnace is suitable for most metal smelting needs, with fast melting speed and can be started and stopped at any time; The power frequency furnace is suitable for more than 24 hours of continuous work requirements, producing copper, aluminum and other non-ferrous metal pipes and bars;

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