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Operation steps in front of induction furnace for cast steel

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1. Power on Melting: start to power on for 4 ~ 8 min to supply about 60% of the power of the induction furnace, and gradually increase the power to the maximum after the current impact stops.

2. Ramming and melting aid: as the burden at the bottom of the pot melts, pay attention to ramming at any time to prevent bridging, and continue to add burden.

3. Slagging: after most of the burden is melted, slagging material (mass ratio: lime powder: fluorspar = 2:1) is added to cover the molten steel, and the amount of slagging material is 1% ~ 1.5% of the weight of molten steel.

4. Sampling and slag stripping: when about 95% of the burden is melted, steel samples are taken for analysis, and the remaining 5% of the burden is added into the furnace. After all the burden is dissolved, the power is reduced to 40% ~ 60%, the slag is removed and new slag is made.

5. Deoxidation: after the slag is dissolved, add deoxidizer (mass ratio: lime powder: aluminum powder = 2:1) to the slag surface for diffusion deoxidation. In the deoxidation process, lime powder and fluorite powder can be used to adjust the viscosity of slag, so that the slag has good fluidity.

6. Composition adjustment: according to the results of chemical analysis, the chemical composition of liquid steel should be adjusted, and the silicon content should be adjusted within 10 minutes before tapping.

7. Measure temperature and make round cup sample: measure liquid steel temperature and make round cup sample to check deoxidation of liquid steel.

8. Add supplementary ferroalloy: when the liquid steel temperature reaches 1630 ~ 1650c and the round cup sample shrinks well, remove half of the slag, add supplementary ferroalloy and press the supplementary ferroalloy into the liquid steel.

9. Final deoxidation tapping: after adding ferroalloy, insert 0.15-0.25% aluminum into each ton of liquid steel for final deoxidation, and cut off the power and tap the steel in tilting furnace within 2-3min after inserting aluminum.

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