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How to operate induction furnace safely?

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How to operate the induction furnace safely and what are the operation procedures

1. Purpose: this process is used to guide the operator to operate and use the equipment correctly.

2. Scope of application: this process is applicable to guide the operation and safe operation of 200kW induction furnace.

3. Management content

Operation process:

Inspection before startup of induction furnace:

The automatic cutting and adjusting worker of 1 medium frequency furnace should strictly ensure the safety of production line before starting up. The automatic control system is sensitive and reliable, and the equipment is reliable

Normal operation.

2. Before starting the machine, the regulator must open the water distributor to let off the remaining water in the trachea.

3. Before starting up, the adjuster must check whether the pneumatic control system is sensitive and reliable, including manual control mechanism and mobile control machine

Structure. Inspection method: press the manual button and the mobile impact plate respectively, and the command can flexibly control the pressing device.

Intermediate frequency furnace operation part:

1. Connect the cooling water, check whether each outlet pipe is unblocked, and make the pressure of water pressure gauge > 0.8kg/cm2

2. Turn on the iron switch on the wall, and then turn on the main power switch. The AC voltmeter has an indication, and the incoming line light is on, indicating that

All three wires are powered.

3 press the control circuit on button, the control circuit is on, and the yellow indicator light is on. Two lights on the control box are on,

At the same time, the rectifier trigger ammeter, 15V reverse AC stabilized voltage power supply and 24 V power amplifier power supply meter have indication.

4 put the check switch on the control box in the working position.

5. Press the main circuit closing button, and the yellow indicator light of the main circuit is on.

6. Turn the potentiometer on the right front door back to the o position in the counter clockwise direction (it is better to do so when adjusting), and then press the inverter start button

Button. At this time, there is about 100 V indication of DC voltage (if there is no voltage, the start will not succeed), and the intermediate frequency can be heard after 2-3 seconds

The furnace calls, the inverter works, and the yellow light is on.

When the impedance frequency is appropriate, the potentiometer on the right door can be adjusted clockwise to increase the rectifier voltage

When the DC current increases, the voltage and power of the intermediate frequency furnace increase. At this time, it should be noted that UA = (1.2 ~ 1.4) UD

8. When heating to a suitable temperature, reduce the power, and then press the inverter stop button.

If it is not heated any more, the main circuit will be cut off first, then the control circuit will be cut off, and finally the main power switch will be switched off.

10. After the power failure, the cooling water can not be turned off immediately, but it should be turned on for at least 15 minutes.

Pay attention to the water and iron filings on the ground, so as to avoid short circuit. Check the electricity regularly (once a month)

Whether there is water or debris in the trench.

In case of furnace rupture, stop the machine immediately and replace the furnace tube. Otherwise, it will endanger personal safety and prevent damage when replacing the furnace tube

It should be sealed and dried, and can only be used after the insulation is qualified.

When the device is in operation, if it breaks down suddenly, it should be shut down immediately for maintenance. After troubleshooting, it should be started again

Only when there is no material in the furnace (i.e. no-load starting) can the furnace be started successfully, and it cannot be started with load.

Safe operation process of induction furnace:

1. Before starting, check the cooling water, lubrication and grounding conditions, and confirm that they are normal before starting.

2. The cooling water pressure shall not be lower than the specified value. After 15 minutes of shutdown, the water supply can be stopped.

It is forbidden to start continuously in hot state and overload operation.

4. In case of water cut-off or abnormal bar overheating, the machine shall be shut down immediately.

5. During operation, the current and voltage must be matched according to regulations, and the starting personnel shall not leave.

6. Check the furnace every shift. If any abnormality is found, stop the machine immediately. Check whether there is water or debris in the wire trench every shift and deal with it in time

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