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Induction furnace plays an important role in industrial furnace

Time:2021-04-03   Nums:1680

In the process of modern industrial production, many fields will generate heat through fuel combustion, or convert electric energy into heat to heat the raw materials of parts or articles. The machine will become an industrial furnace. Induction furnace is a very popular industrial furnace, but people are used to the transformation of boiler and other energy mechanical equipment, such as coke oven and gas producer, is not included in the field of industrial furnace.

There are many types of industrial furnaces that can be used in the modern machinery industry. In the foundry, there are open hearth furnaces, which can melt metals; there are industrial furnaces such as cupola, crucible furnace and induction furnace; there is also a heat treatment furnace, which can be used in the forging workshop. It is mainly used to heat ingots or billets in different forms and relieve stress.

In the heat treatment workshop, there are different types of induction furnace, which can carry out different types of annealing, normalizing, quenching and tempering processing steps. In the welding workshop, there are heating furnace for pre pressing steel plate and industrial furnace for post welding heat treatment.

With the progress of industrial furnace technology, industrial furnace plays a very important role in the development of the whole industry. The structural design, heating process and thermal control of induction furnace are related to the quality of subsequent processing steps, so we should take the production steps of induction furnace seriously.

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