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Inspection of induction melting furnace

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Operators must check whether the water flow and water pressure in each cooling circuit are in a normal state. The connecting bolts of each part and the nuts that can link each part should be tightened frequently to prevent the bad contact phenomenon from causing bad influence on the parts.

And in order to regularly maintain the pumping motor and hydraulic station motor in the system that can be cooled by water, and then clean the hydraulic oil regularly. Only in this way can the induction furnace machinery be used under normal conditions and provide water and oil needed in the working process. In addition, it is necessary to inspect the specified voltage and rated current of induction smelting furnace, so that regular inspection can prevent circuit failure.

It is necessary to maintain the induction furnace regularly, accurately and carefully, which is the key to prolong the service life of medium frequency electric furnace and the important premise to ensure the safety of workers. Because the whole working process of the medium frequency electric furnace is carried out under a high temperature, high pressure and strong current, it is necessary to regularly clean the room where the medium frequency electric furnace is placed.


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