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Types of induction furnace

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The power supply of induction furnace is divided into high frequency, intermediate frequency and power frequency. The power frequency of our country is 50Hz, if is 50hz-10khz, and higher than 10kHz is high frequency.

1. high frequency power supply - there are many ways to obtain high frequency current. Such as high frequency spark generator, high frequency device of electronic tube and high frequency furnace (i.e. high frequency oscillator of electronic tube) etc. But the energy output of high frequency spark generator is unstable. The frequency conversion device of electronic tube is adjusted very much. So although they have their own advantages (such as simple fire pattern and high efficiency of electronic tube frequency converter), they are rarely used. Only high frequency furnaces are developed rapidly and are widely used in industrial field.

2. medium frequency power supply - medium frequency induction heating device mostly uses 1-8khz medium frequency power supply to heat the workpiece, which is suitable for induction heating of workpieces with heating depth greater than 3mm and diameter of 20-500mm. It can be generally used for surface quenching of steel or cast iron parts, and also for tempering, normalizing, and metal melting. There are 1000, 2500, 4000, 8000hx and other frequencies of intermediate frequency devices, among which 2500 and 8000hx are the most widely used, with power of tens to hundreds of kilowatts.

The medium frequency power supply of the intermediate frequency induction heating device includes the intermediate frequency generator group type and the thyristor frequency conversion device. The characteristics are as follows: 1) if generator group type - it is composed of three-phase AC motor and single-phase if motor. The AC motor transforms 50Hz AC energy into mechanical energy, and then the medium frequency generator converts the machine to medium frequency alternating current energy again.

2) Thyristor frequency conversion device if power supply - thyristor frequency conversion if power supply is an AC power source which transforms DC or a certain frequency into the required frequency. Among them, the if power supply which transforms DC into AC is also called inverter. Usually, if load is induction coil, which has a large inductance, besides absorbing active power, it also absorbs reactive power. Active power is supplied by thyristor frequency conversion medium frequency power supply, and reactive power must be compensated by if capacitor. At this time, the capacitor can be connected in series with the induction coil or connected in parallel to form an inverter. At present, parallel inverter is widely used.

3. power frequency power - the main advantage of power frequency power is that frequency conversion equipment is not used, and its power supply line is also required. Therefore, most large induction smelting furnaces and induction heat transmission devices of large workpieces adopt power frequency power supply

The single-phase power frequency intermediate frequency furnace with large capacity shall adopt three-phase power balance device, which is composed of balance reactor and balance capacitor. Connected to the induction furnace in a triangle.

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