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The reason of induction furnace capacitor being burnt out

Time:2021-03-31   Nums:1639

If the induction furnace capacitor is burnt out, the main reasons are as follows: 1. Lack of water. In the long-term use of the induction furnace, the scale may form in the cooling pipe of the capacitor or the impurities in the water inlet system may cause the electric heating capacitor to overheat and burn out. Therefore, in the process of using, pay attention to observe the cooling water flow of the electric heating capacitor. If the flow is abnormal, corresponding measures should be taken. 2. If the medium frequency voltage is too high, in the long-term use process of the medium frequency electric furnace, if the medium frequency electric furnace is adjusted too high, higher than the rated voltage of the electric heating capacitor (the rated voltage of the electric heating capacitor has 750V, 1200V and other common specifications), the electric heating and power will be caused Withstand overvoltage breakdown. If this happens, it is necessary to lower the medium frequency voltage or replace the electrothermal capacitor with the model with high voltage level. 3. Cathode grounding of electric heating capacitor, if the insulation of electric heating capacitor is not good during the use of electric furnace, the cathode grounding of capacitor will occur and the capacitor shell will be broken down. If this happens, the insulation of capacitor cabinet needs to be reprocessed.

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