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Measures for improving lining life of induction melting furnace

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The high temperature performance of induction furnace lining is mainly determined by the physical, chemical and mineral composition of refractory. Under the premise of raw and auxiliary materials selection, sintering process is the key process to make the lining obtain good microstructure and give full play to its high temperature resistance. The densification degree of lining sintering is related to the chemical composition, particle ratio, sintering process and sintering temperature of refractory. Through more than ten years of continuous exploration and production test, the company summarized reasonable knot building technology and baking sintering process, which made the furnace age rise greatly.

1. induction furnace construction process

1. the following treatment is carried out for the crystal quartz sand used for furnace building:

2. manual selection: mainly remove blocky and other impurities;

3. magnetic separation: magnetic impurities must be completely removed;

4. dry ramming material: it is necessary to conduct slow drying treatment, with drying temperature of 200 ℃ - 300 ℃, and heat preservation for more than 4 hours.

2. selection and proportion of furnace building materials:

(1) Selection of furnace building materials for induction furnace: it should be noted that not all SiO2, 99% of quartz sand can be used as lining material of induction furnace. It is important that the size of quartz grain is larger, the less lattice defects are, the better. (for example, the silica sand is of high purity, white and transparent appearance.) The larger the furnace capacity, the higher the requirement for grain.

(2) Proportion: the proportion of quartz sand used for lining: 10% - 15% in 6-8 mesh, 25% to 30% in 10-20 mesh, 25% - 30% in 20-40 mesh, 25% to 30% in 270 mesh - 30%.

3. remove mica paper during furnace construction.

4. selection of binder: the use of boric acid (H3BO3) as binder with boron anhydride (B2O3) as binder, the addition amount is 1.1% - 1.5%.

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