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Function of induction melting furnace

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The electric efficiency and thermal efficiency of induction melting furnace are high, which not only improves the melting rate and shortens the melting time, but also reduces the unit power consumption. The medium frequency induction furnace has great flexibility in production arrangement and melting operation. For the induction furnace, it is required to work continuously, because the interruption will increase the cold start. The cold start not only increases the melting time and energy consumption, but also has to use the starting block every time. When the induction furnace is used intermittently for a short time, it can be cold started without using the starting block. It is very convenient to change the charge, and the molten iron can be completely emptied. It can realize the material change in a short time, which is conducive to the production organization and arrangement. This brings favorable conditions for single piece small batch production. With the continuous improvement of power density of medium frequency induction furnace, the requirements for safe operation of furnace, improvement of lining life and reduction of noise become higher and higher, and the rationality of furnace structure becomes more and more important. Among them, heavy steel shell furnace has many advantages, such as strong durability, high efficiency, high productivity, low noise and easy maintenance. Heavy steel shell furnace is different from frame furnace,

The induction furnace is a high-strength annular steel shell with many large inspection ports. When the furnace is running, the inspection ports are closed, and each inspection port can be opened during maintenance. The internal structure of heavy-duty steel shell furnace is solid, which can avoid the deformation caused by inclined cast iron and prolong the service life of furnace lining. Moreover, the sound-absorbing isolation material can be added to the enclosed solid furnace shell and its interior, which greatly reduces the working noise. The strong steel shell can also effectively protect the induction coil from the danger of metal splashing, so that the furnace has the maximum safety in the operation process. In order to effectively insulate and improve the lining life, cooling rings are set at the top and bottom of heavy steel shell furnace, which can achieve uniform lining temperature and reduce thermal expansion. The stainless steel cooling ring with low energy consumption and high strength greatly improves the furnace efficiency. The heavy-duty steel shell furnace not only has a solid steel shell, but also has a coil with thick wall tube structure specially designed for induction melting. By correctly selecting the turn to turn distance of the induction coil, the coil has the highest conversion efficiency and the lowest resistance. On the one hand, the thick wall induction coil of induction heating furnace has large current carrying section, uniform wall thickness, and is not easy to be damaged due to arc and expansion. On the other hand, the coil of induction heating furnace adopts special support system, and each turn is firmly locked with good rigidity. The vibration caused by electromagnetic force is reduced and the service life of furnace lining is greatly extended.

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