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Advantages of induction furnace

Time:2021-03-25   Nums:1646

In today's industry, the advantages of induction furnace heating equipment are:

1. It has the advantages of high power density, fast melting speed and easy melting, so it is suitable for energy-saving batch melting method. The unit consumption of koji melting of advanced medium frequency induction furnace with the same capacity is lower than that of power frequency induction furnace.

2. The operation is flexible and convenient, which is suitable for the occasions where the varieties of molten metals are often changed.

3. The frequency of power supply can be selected to make the medium frequency induction furnace more suitable for the melting of light non-ferrous metals.

4. Due to the high power density and no phase balance device, the civil engineering cost is small. Therefore, the initial investment cost of medium frequency induction furnace with the same productivity abroad is 10% - 15% lower than that of power frequency induction furnace.

5. From the point of view of metallurgy, the metal melted in the induction melting furnace only overheats once.

Because of the advantages mentioned above, induction furnace has basically replaced power frequency induction furnace (except grooved induction furnace) in foreign countries, and it also shows a trend of replacing power frequency induction furnace in China.

The application of induction heating equipment in automobile spare parts has been expanded to the field of cast iron insulation. Because of the advantages of crucible induction furnace (including short coil induction furnace and medium frequency crucible induction furnace), such as flexible use, adjustable electromagnetic stirring force, convenient adjustment of molten iron composition and temperature control, and convenient replacement of refractory lining, crucible induction furnace is used as cast iron insulation Furnace is widely used.

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