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What are the advantages of induction furnace compared with power frequency furnace?

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Compared with the power frequency induction furnace, the hump of the power frequency induction furnace is quite high due to the large stirring force of the molten liquid, which causes the slag in the middle part of the top surface of the molten pool to be lifted and pushed around the wall of the crucible. Because the slag can not cover the whole metal surface, it is easy to aggravate the metal oxidation. In comparison, the main advantages of the medium frequency induction furnace equipped with solid-state circuit static frequency converter are as follows:

(1) The stirring force of molten metal can be adjusted flexibly. From the point of view of metallurgy, the melting of different kinds of iron and steel needs different degrees of melt stirring. For example, alloy cast iron wants moderate melt stirring, while ductile iron and malleable cast iron want greater melt stirring.

(2) High power density, no need of three-phase balance device. Due to the high concentration of energy and the moderate stirring movement of molten metal in the molten pool, it is not only conducive to deoxidation, degassing, removal of inclusions and homogenization of temperature and composition, but also due to the rapid overheating of molten metal, the added alloy is melted and the element loss is less.

(3) It is easy to start melting and can empty the residual liquid for melting, so batch operation can be carried out. This makes it easy to adjust the alloy composition of the melt without restriction.

(4) It is not necessary to dry wet or greasy metal charge in advance.

(5) From the point of view of metallurgy, it makes the molten metal overheat only once, thus shortening the smelting time.

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