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Maintenance of induction furnace

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The induction furnace should have full-time operators at ordinary times. They are required to understand the working principle of the power supply, be familiar with the operation procedures, and master the general maintenance knowledge. During the operation, they often patrol to check whether there is abnormal temperature rise, abnormal noise, whether the water cooling system is leaking, whether the outlet water of each cooling water is smooth, and whether the indication of various instruments is normal, and make records according to the regulations Check the voltage equalizing resistance of thyristor and the wiring of resistance capacitance absorption element regularly, check the output waveform of rectifier bridge, induction furnace (check whether the leading angle is normal) and inverter thyristor (check the dynamic voltage equalizing) regularly with oscilloscope, and pay attention to the daily cleaning work. In addition, regular maintenance should be carried out every six months to one year or at the end of a project, as follows:

1 internal and external comprehensive cleaning, including cleaning and inspection of various solder joints, cleaning of relays, contactors, contacts and iron cores, replacement of circulating water, removal of scale in water cooling system, replacement of aging and deteriorated water pipes, etc.

2. Tighten the connecting bolts of the conductive part and the screws for fixing the terminals and components.

3 calibration instrument and protection relay.

Check the insulation and plug the leakage of the capacitor or replace it.

5. Comprehensively check the control circuit and trigger system, including the measurement of waveforms at all levels, the measurement of voltage, the phase shift inspection of rectifier trigger pulse, and the reliability inspection of protection action.

The voltage sharing electron and resistance capacitance absorption of each thyristor were measured.

7 measure the waveform of each thyristor (under light load, rated load and rated power) and analyze whether its characteristics have changed.

8. Measure the waveforms of six wave heads of DC output of rectifier bridge, check whether the scale of angle a changes greatly with the change of angle a, and check the action value of over-current protection.

9 measure the inverter output waveform and check whether the safety margin changes greatly.

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