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How to use and maintain induction furnace?

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Induction furnace in the process of use to often carry out maintenance and maintenance, in order to ensure its normal work. Therefore, the following points are required.

1) The induction furnace should be operated in strict accordance with the operating procedures provided by the manufacturer to avoid the damage of electrical components caused by misoperation.

2) Pay attention to observe and record the indication value of each instrument on the power supply device, listen to whether the sound of the power supply (especially the reactor) is abnormal, and observe whether there is local overheating.

3) Frequently use a multimeter to check whether the power supply voltage in each unit and the working point voltage of each link changes. Special attention should be paid to measure the forward and reverse voltage of each thyristor, and pay attention to whether the voltage and current sharing situation changes.

4) Pay attention to observe the anti-interference ability of the control system and the turn-on and turn off of the thyristor elements in the main circuit.

5) Oscillograph is often used to observe the output waveform of each trigger, as well as the waveform of rectifier circuit, inverter circuit and reactor, so as to judge whether each part works normally.

6) Pay attention to observe whether the turn to turn insulation of load loop inductor is damaged and whether the insulation resistance to ground is reduced.

7) Pay attention to observe whether the flow and water quality of the cooling water circuit have changed, whether the outlet water temperature meets the requirements, and whether the water cooling elements and water pipes have condensation.

8) Pay attention to the cleanliness of the environment and equipment, remove the dust regularly, and clean the scale in the water cooling pipeline.

9) Regularly check whether the connecting bolts and fastening screws are loose, and whether the connecting conductor is oxidized and heated. If so, it should be handled in time.

10) Regularly check the components of each protection system, such as current and voltage sharing, resistance capacitance absorption, surge absorption, etc. for falling off and looseness.

11) Regularly check the cooling plastic water pipe for aging, bending, poor water flow or leakage, and deal with or replace it in time.

12) Pay attention to whether the reactor core is loose, whether the insulation is damaged, and whether there are creepage or scorch marks.

13) Regularly check the voltage, current, pulse waveform of each unit, rectifier bridge, inverter bridge and other waveforms.

14) Always pay attention to compare the indication value of each instrument, and deal with the abnormal in time.

15) It is helpful to listen to the abnormal sound of each part of the intermediate frequency power supply device.

16) Pay attention to the working condition of the inductor and furnace body, whether the parts are loose, the vibration is too large and the insulation is damaged.

17) Regularly check the load compensation capacitor and other capacitors for oil leakage, water leakage and overheating, and pay attention to keep the insulators clean.


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