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Advantages and disadvantages of electromagnetic stirring in induction melting furnace

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The beneficial effects of liquid steel electromagnetic stirring on smelting are as follows.

1) Uniform liquid steel temperature

The temperature difference between the upper part and the lower part of the molten steel in the large vessel crucible is large. Electromagnetic stirring is the main means to achieve uniform temperature. Large medium frequency smelting furnace uses dual frequency power supply, one of the lower frequency power supply is specially used for stirring.

2) Chemical composition of uniform steel and alloy

Electromagnetic stirring is very important for homogenizing chemical composition, especially for alloy elements with large density difference, such as aluminum, tungsten and molybdenum.

3) Improving the kinetic conditions of metallurgical physicochemical reaction

The reaction process of diffusion, dissolution and deoxidation can be accelerated by electromagnetic stirring, and the smelting cycle can be shortened.

Excessive strong electromagnetic stirring will bring the following adverse results.

1) Influence the service life of crucible

Increase the erosion of molten steel on the crucible, reduce the service life of the crucible.

2) It aggravates the hump phenomenon

It reduces the covering effect of slag, increases the air pollution to liquid steel and reduces the refining effect.

3) Increasing the thickness of crucible wall in vacuum induction furnace

The hump phenomenon makes the slag push to the crucible wall and adhere to the inner surface, increases the crucible wall thickness, reduces the smelting efficiency and pollutes the molten steel. This disadvantage is particularly obvious in the vacuum induction furnace.

To sum up, we should reasonably play the advantages of electromagnetic stirring and control its disadvantages. Therefore, the intensity of electromagnetic stirring is controlled by the following methods. First of all, the reasonable height of inductor and steel level should be selected; the reasonable charge should be made to make the molten steel level below the second turn of induction coil at the furnace mouth; finally, the reasonable power transmission process should be formulated, especially the power distribution system after melting and refining should be well controlled, so as to reduce its adverse effects.

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