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Application of induction smelting furnace

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The alternating current flows to a conductor (usually a copper tube) which is curled into a ring, thus generating a magnetic beam. When the metal is placed in it, the magnetic beam will pass through the metal body and generate an eddy current (rotating current) in the direction of self winding with the magnetic beam. Therefore, the induced current generates heat under the influence of the eddy current. This heating method is induction heating. Medium frequency melting furnace is commonly used for metal melting

Induction heating started with the birth of automobile industry and tractor industry.

Advantages of induction heating: high heating efficiency, fast speed, good controllability and easy to realize mechanization and automation.

Induction heating technology is the most effective heat treatment technology commonly used at present. It has a wide range of applications in surface quenching, diathermal quenching, tempering and stress relief (low temperature), annealing and normalizing (high temperature), weld annealing, powder metal sintering and other fields. In the aspect of casting, the duplex melting process is developing rapidly, that is, the medium frequency furnace is used for heat preservation modification to carry out precision casting of ductile iron or alloy steel; In forging, the rapid diathermy hot forging is realized by heating, which not only reduces the oxide skin loss, but also greatly increases the service life of forging die. The material utilization rate can reach 85, and the surface roughness of forging can be less than 50. In welding and quenching, on the one hand, foreign countries are committed to developing high-power all solid-state high-frequency power supply, on the other hand, they are committed to developing a complete set of highly automated heat treatment system Unification. At present, about 10 million tons of castings are needed every year in our country. However, the foundry industry is still dominated by Cupola Melting and general casting of cast iron. The tonnage is small, resulting in large fluctuation of temperature and composition and high scrap rate. The scrap rate of better foundry industry is 6-15, while that of general foundry is as high as 30.

With its unique technical principle and excellent heat treatment process, medium frequency electric furnace technology is playing an increasingly important role in the field of national economy.

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