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Outstanding features of induction melting furnace

Time:2021-04-04   Nums:1824

Compared with other electric furnaces, the induction melting furnace can not only produce good molten iron, but also will not cause environmental pollution. This convenient and low cost way is widely used in the melting and production of different types of cast iron.

Because the induction furnace has the function of self diagnosis, its safety performance and maintenance cost are much higher than other electric furnaces. It can be connected with the computer smelting system and automatically control and manage every link of smelting.

In order to improve the quality of molten iron and realize low energy consumption, crushing and shot blasting are used in the induction furnace. The company has made experiments with it and other electric furnaces, and the experimental results show that when using induction melting furnace to melt molten iron, it attaches great importance to the purification of burden and handles the return burden well.

Induction melting furnace can not only melt molten iron, but also produce gray iron cylinder with good performance. Although this function has been controversial for many years, it is believed that other electric furnaces have advantages over him in this function. But its uniqueness, environmental protection technology has been pushed by the industry as the preferred smelting products.

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