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Characteristics of induction furnace heating production line

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The mechanical transmission device of induction furnace production line adopts single station mode, and induction hardening, induction tempering and annealing are carried out time by time. The replacement of the inductor adopts the methods of integral hoisting, quick positioning and quick connection of water and electricity (the replacement of a set of inductor can be completed in a short time). The position of the axis of the inductor can be adjusted conveniently to meet the heating requirements of various blank specifications. According to the needs of each product, the production equipment is made up of eleven parts: the feeding and storing bracket, the feeding and conveying device, the workpiece rotary roller transmission device, the induction quenching and heating module, the induction quenching and insulation module, the induction tempering module, the induction annealing module, the quenching spray device, the hydraulic station, the central console and the automatic control system.

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