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Advantages of induction melting furnace1

Time:2021-03-24   Nums:1716

1. The equipment of induction melting furnace is simple. Compared with electric arc furnace, induction furnace itself has no big change, single equipment input is low, equipment is simple, easy to master.

2. Because the induction smelting furnace has no function of oxygen blowing and steelmaking, large equipment such as oxygen machine is not needed, which can save investment.

3. Small scale induction melting furnace plant is also lower than other iron and steel plant rooms.

4. In addition, the capacity of production arrangement of induction melting furnace is more flexible, especially for small and single castings.

5. The technology level related to induction melting furnace is low and easy to master in a short time.

6. Steelmaking in induction furnace is a relatively low cost method.

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induction melting furnace

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