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Difference between medium frequency induction furnace and high frequency induction furnace

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Induction heating of medium frequency furnace: the current frequency is 500-10000 Hz (Hz), and various metals of 5kg-60 tons are melted, which has fast speed and high efficiency. Features: large volume, mature technology, high output power and small failure rate. The effective hardening depth is 2-10 mm (mm), which is mainly used for parts requiring deeper hardening layer, such as medium modulus gear, large modulus gear, shaft with larger diameter, etc.

It's the thickness that makes a difference

Induction heating of high frequency furnace: the current frequency is 100-500 kHz (kilohertz), suitable for smelting 1-5kg precious metals, with fast speed, low price, small volume, small and effective hardening depth of 0.5-2 mm (mm), mainly used for medium and small parts requiring thin hardening layer, such as small module gear, small and medium-sized shaft.

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