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Comparison between induction furnace and cupola in melting cast iron

Time:2021-03-24   Nums:1783

 Compared with cupola, induction furnace smelting is better. It is beneficial to obtain low sulfur molten iron, which has incomparable advantages for the production of ductile iron. Smelting gray iron has little influence on the quality of molten iron. For the control of smelting process, electric furnace smelting is relatively simple and stable. Moreover, the use of electric furnace smelting can reduce environmental pollution and has good social effects. The working environment and labor intensity of electric furnace smelting are generally better than cupola smelting. The use of night valley electric smelting can greatly reduce the pollution Low melting cost. The direct smelting cost (including power capacity charge) is almost the same. It needs to be considered that the investment of EAF equipment is large, and EAF smelting has higher requirements for the cleanness and drying of burden.

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