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Advantages of induction melting furnace

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The induction furnace with power frequency in the range of 150-10000 Hz is called medium frequency induction furnace, and its main frequency is in the range of 150-2500 Hz. The power frequency of domestic small frequency induction furnace is 150, 1000 and 2500 Hz. Medium frequency induction furnace is a kind of equipment suitable for smelting high-quality steel and alloy. The cost of the equipment is relatively low, but it is easy to damage.

1. The melting speed is fast and the production efficiency is high. The power density of induction furnace is high, and the power configuration per ton of liquid steel is about 20-30% higher than that of power frequency induction furnace. Therefore, under the same conditions, the melting speed of induction melting furnace is fast and the production efficiency is high.

2. Strong adaptability and flexible use. The liquid steel in each furnace of medium frequency induction furnace can be completely discharged, and the steel grade can be easily changed.

3. The effect of electromagnetic stirring is better. Because the electromagnetic force on molten steel is inversely proportional to the square root of power frequency, the stirring force of medium frequency power supply is smaller than that of power frequency power supply. For the removal of impurities in steel and uniform chemical composition, uniform temperature, the stirring effect of medium frequency power supply is better.

4. It is easy to start. Since the skin effect of medium frequency current is much greater than that of power frequency current, there is no special requirement for the charge of medium frequency induction furnace when starting, and it can be heated quickly after charging. Another advantage of convenient starting is that it can save power during periodic operation.

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