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Energy saving measures for induction furnace melting (2)

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Loss analysis of induction furnace

In general, S7 and S9 type energy-saving power transformers are used by the manufacturers of induction smelting furnace, but their low voltage is not suitable for the energy-saving of medium frequency induction furnace, which can not achieve good results.

2. The capacity, frequency and rated power of medium frequency induction furnace selected by iron and steel manufacturers are not suitable, which leads to unnecessary loss.

At present, on the one hand, the poor quality of some electrolytic copper leads to the increase of resistance and heat loss of power supply lines.

The induction coil is the key part of the induction furnace, which is the main body to transfer the useful work to the heated or melted metal charge. The ability of its transmission depends on the magnetic field strength generated by the current passing through the induction coil, that is, the ampere turns of the inductor. In order to obtain high heating power, the current flowing through the inductor is very large. Over the years, the manufacturers of medium frequency induction furnace have been using the traditional production mode of induction coil and water cable section, and generally use the conductor current density greater than 25A / mm2; The cross section of induction coil and water cable is small. Due to the influence of power factor, through repeated measurement, the rated actual current of furnace body is 10 times of the medium frequency output current (full parallel capacitor type), and the copper loss is proportional to the square of current. These will cause the induction coil and water cable to generate greater heat, the temperature will further rise, and a large amount of electric energy will be converted into heat and taken away by circulating water for waste The power loss in the inductor can reach 20% ~ 30% of the active power of the induction furnace.

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