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Energy saving measures of induction melting furnace (1)

Time:2021-03-04   Nums:2048

Problems in energy saving of induction furnace

1) Influence of supply voltage and transformer loss

Under different supply voltage, the loss of transformer itself is different. Reasonable supply voltage and corresponding transformer are conducive to energy saving

2) Problems in induction furnace

① Selection of different capacity and frequency

② Matching of rated power

③ Influence of purity and sectional area of induction coil and water cable on power consumption

④ The influence of scale and how to deal with it

⑤ Influence of cooling water temperature on power consumption

⑥ Influence of lining on energy saving

3) The influence of smelting burden, smelting process, smelting time and maintenance of smelting equipment in the process of induction melting furnace.

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