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What are the heating characteristics of plasma induction furnace during melting period?

Time:2021-03-04   Nums:2055

Compared with the melting period, the charge heating of plasma induction furnace has the following characteristics.

1. Double heat source heating charge and slag

The plasma induction furnace has double heat sources of plasma arc heating and induction heating. In addition, the plasma arc can also heat the slag to form high-temperature slag during the melting period, which can be used for desulfurization reaction. These advantages are not possessed by induction furnace.

2. The charge is heated and melted in a neutral protective atmosphere isolated from the atmosphere

Due to melting in neutral protective atmosphere, on the one hand, the oxidation loss of burden is small and the recovery rate of alloy elements is high. On the other hand, the molten steel absorbs less oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen from the atmosphere, which reduces the air pollution to the molten steel and the task of refining period.

3. Degassing while melting

When pure argon is used as plasma arc working gas, the furnace is filled with argon, and the partial pressure of nitrogen and hydrogen in the furnace gas is very low. The nitrogen and hydrogen contained in the charge can diffuse into the furnace gas and be removed during the melting process. This is one of the characteristics of melting period in plasma induction furnace.

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