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What is the main purpose of induction furnace?

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Plasma intermediate frequency furnace is a steel-making equipment which is composed of two parts, a plasma arc heating device is added to the induction melting furnace. It overcomes the shortcomings of cold slag and no protective atmosphere on the surface of molten steel in medium frequency induction furnace, and fully improves the refining capacity.

Plasma induction furnace is suitable for smelting ultra-low carbon stainless steel, corrosion-resistant alloy and precision alloy with C content less than or equal to 0.030%, low sulfur alloy steel and high-purity nickel chromium stainless steel with s content less than or equal to 0.005%.

The metallurgical quality of plasma induction furnace is higher than that of induction furnace and close to that of vacuum induction furnace. In the future, its application scope will be expanded in the production of special steel and alloy.

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