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Induction furnace fault example 6

Time:2021-03-04   Nums:1606

Fault example 6 of induction melting furnace

Fault phenomenon: when the equipment is running, the DC current has reached the rated value, but the DC voltage and intermediate frequency voltage are low. Observe the intermediate frequency voltage waveform with an oscilloscope, and the waveform is normal, and the front angle of the inverter is also normal.

Fault analysis and treatment of induction furnace: the fault is not caused by medium frequency power supply fault, but by low load impedance, so it is necessary to readjust the load impedance.

A in the circuit of step-up load, because of the damage of series compensation capacitor, it will be removed, not replaced, or blindly require high power and uncontrolled increase of compensation capacitor, so that the load compensation is over compensated, which will cause this fault phenomenon. The solution is to readjust the compensation capacity of the compensation capacitor so that the equipment can operate at rated power.

B. the inductor has inter turn short circuit. There are two possibilities of turn to turn short circuit: the copper tube of induction furnace is directly short circuited; the fixed Glulam column of inductor is seriously carbonized. Due to the conductive property of carbon, the turn to turn short circuit of inductor is caused by the direct connection between turns due to carbonized Glulam. The solution is to eliminate the phenomenon of inter turn short circuit.

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