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Meet customers and transport induction smelting furnace in starry night

Time:2021-02-27   Nums:1842

 Yesterday (10-7) when we were about to leave work, the customer who had just paid for the goods suddenly asked us to send the induction furnace to Shaoguan the next morning, which made us in a dilemma. It was hundreds of kilometers away. If the car was loaded and delivered tomorrow morning as planned, we would not be able to catch up before noon. The only way to satisfy the customer was to load the car immediately overnight.

After 22 o'clock, two 1-ton induction furnaces were finally installed. After research, they were tired. They were afraid that they couldn't get up early. They walked all night. When they were tired, they could stop at any time to have a rest. Only in this way could they be sure to meet the requirements of customers arriving in the morning. The tired drivers and senior engineers were on the road, alas, they forgot Ask them to bring some water. I don't know if they can find a place to eat and drink on the way late at night. They have to work hard for more than ten hours!

 induction melting furnace


After the car left, we had dinner at 10:30. The food seemed to be the best in the world! ---I'm starving.

Big goods vehicle with customer expectations, but also with the efforts of Yifei, to the goal!


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