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What are the advantages of induction furnace?

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Medium frequency induction furnace is a kind of power supply device (2.0khz-8.0khz) which uses the switching characteristics of thyristor to convert 50 Hz power frequency current into medium frequency current. It is widely used in induction melting, induction heating, induction quenching and other fields.

Induction furnace has the advantages of flexible starting, convenient operation, small volume, light weight and high efficiency. With the successful development of new proprietary integrated circuit, the high stability and compact structure of SCR intermediate frequency device are welcomed by everyone.

Flexible start

SCR frequency converter generally adopts zero voltage soft start, which has high success rate, no impact, fast and stable.

easy operation 

The power regulation range of SCR device is wide. The frequency can change automatically with the change of load parameters (so-called frequency tracking). The load loop keeps close to resonance, which means it works in the best condition. In addition, it has a series of automatic protection devices, so that its work is stable and reliable.

Small size and light weight

Thyristor frequency conversion device is composed of semiconductor components, no complex mechanical rotating part, no vibration, low noise, and no special requirements for ground foundation during installation.


Induction melting furnace has a high conversion efficiency (90-95%). When the output power is low, the power conversion efficiency does not decrease. Especially in the heat treatment industry, some heated workpieces need to be heated by sections, frequently start and stop, and there is no loss in the shutdown state. Therefore, in the induction heating industry, the use of silicon controlled medium frequency device can save energy.

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