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Maintenance of induction furnace

Time:2021-04-05   Nums:2043

When the induction furnace is damaged, most of the control panel is damaged. If the control panel of the induction smelting furnace is not repaired properly, it will cause secondary damage. In this way, the whole induction furnace can not be used easily. So if we want the induction furnace to be able to use quickly, as long as we pay attention to three small details during maintenance, then our induction furnace will not be damaged so easily.

After knowing the power supply of induction furnace, we need to test the power supply of the board first. After testing the power supply of the board, we need to test the rectification part. We can use an oscilloscope and a multimeter to measure the current to see whether each circuit is normal.

The above are the key details in the maintenance of the induction furnace control panel.

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