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Cause of crucible transverse crack causing induction melting furnace to pass through

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There are two reasons for the transverse cracks: one is that the density of magnesia crucible is not uniform when it is knotted; the other is that the sintering temperature is too high. From the specific analysis of this accident, we ruled out the cause of uneven density of magnesia knot. There are three reasons

1. Before blowing, the magnesia should be mixed evenly before blowing, and the blowing process should be strictly followed.

2. If the density of magnesia is not uniform due to blowing, it may pass through in the first few heats of smelting, and it will not pass through until 48 heats.

3. The transverse crack caused by uneven density of magnesia crucible wall, the molten steel is etched through the furnace. After the furnace is cooled and dismantled, the solidified steel in the crack layer will have uneven thickness and corrosion burr with the uneven degree of magnesia on the furnace wall. The thickness of the solidified steel in the crack layer is uniform and the surface is smooth. The magnesia above and below the solidified steel has no phenomenon of liquid steel etching and blackening.

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