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Why is induction furnace suitable for medium and small factories?

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Induction furnace is more suitable for medium and small-scale production and processing, there are two different smelting methods, one is alkaline crucible smelting method, the other is acid crucible smelting method. In the process of induction melting, there will be a small amount of liquid steel carburization.

Induction furnace is based on the working principle of induction heating to melt the molten metal, which will not produce additional liquid steel carburization.

Another outstanding use of induction furnace is the high recovery rate of alloy elements. The working principle of electric arc furnace is to use the high temperature of electric arc to melt the materials in the furnace. In high temperature environment and under the action of electric arc, alloy elements will volatilize and oxidize, and this phenomenon occurs more frequently than induction heating .

The loss rate of alloy elements in induction furnace is not as high as that in electric arc furnace.

Among the two basic crucible smelting methods, there are two different forms: melting method and oxidation method. Acid crucible smelting method can only be used in combination with melting method. This is also because the furnace is affected by the low fire resistance of crucible material, so it can not be oxidized.

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