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Role of crucible in induction furnace smelting process

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What is the role of crucible in induction furnace smelting process?

Crucible induction furnace is an important part of induction heating, which is the basis of energy conversion and metal smelting. The function of crucible is shown in the following points.

1. Crucible is an important medium for induction coil to transfer energy to molten steel effectively. It not only ensures that the electromagnetic energy can be transformed into heat energy, but also realizes the basic conditions of metal smelting.

2. Crucible acts as electrical insulation between induction coil and molten steel.

3. The crucible bears the gravity, thermal stress and electromagnetic force of the charge or molten steel.

4. Crucible can keep heat and reduce heat loss. The temperature of molten steel melting and refining can be guaranteed, and the smelting can be carried out smoothly.

The crucible of induction melting furnace bears the chemical erosion of high temperature molten steel and high temperature slag, keeps good stability and provides stable space for smelting.


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