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Examples of troubleshooting for induction furnace

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The power supply in the initial adjustment or operation fails, and the whole machine fails to start, accompanied by certain phenomena, which are explained as follows.

A press the intermediate frequency start button to adjust the power potentiometer, the power supply has no response or only DC voltage without intermediate frequency voltage

A. the load is open, that is, the inductor is not connected

B. if the inverter pulse power is too small or there is no pulse, the inverter is not triggered

C rectifier circuit failure, no rectifier output

B. after pressing the intermediate frequency start button, the over-current protection will act, and the rectifier will be pulled into the inverter state. For the newly installed power supply, check whether the voltage polarity is correct, whether the polarity of the inverter pulse is correct, and whether the leading angle is too small. For the polarity problem that does not exist in the running power supply, it can be analyzed from the following aspects.

A. if the thyristor is damaged, use a multimeter to measure and judge

B. whether the fast fuse is fused, and if it is broken, replace it

C whether the load circuit is short-circuit or overload can be judged by observing the load oscillation waveform with an oscilloscope

D. whether the angle before starting is too small, and appropriately increase the angle before starting

E whether there is interference in inverter pulse and whether the characteristics of thyristor are deteriorated

F whether the setting value of over-current has changed, and the excessive feedback also stops the oscillation

H rectifier circuit failure, DC output is too low

If the insulation of intermediate frequency power supply is reduced

J whether the voltage feedback signal is disconnected.

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