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Pressurized induction furnace and its application?

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What is pressurized induction furnace and its application?

1. Concept of pressurized induction furnace

When nitrogen-containing steel is smelted at atmospheric pressure, the highest nitrogen content in steel can only reach 0.06%, and the nitrogen above this value will precipitate in the form of bubbles, causing pores in the ingot and damaging the quality of steel. In order to increase the amount of nitrogen dissolved in steel and obtain high nitrogen steel with nitrogen content more than 0.06%, it is necessary to smelt, cast and cool in high pressure nitrogen to obtain dense high nitrogen steel. Therefore, a pressurized induction furnace is produced.

Pressurized induction furnace is a kind of induction furnace which smelts under the nitrogen pressure of 010 & mdash; 1.60mpa. The whole smelting process includes charging, melting, refining, nitrogen alloying, pouring, ingot cooling, etc., all of which are completed in high pressure nitrogen.

2. Application of booster induction furnace

Pressurized induction furnace is specially used to produce high nitrogen steel with 0.06% & mdash; 2.00% nitrogen. Because high nitrogen steel has the advantages of low nickel content, high strength, good toughness and high corrosion resistance. It can replace high Ni Cr stainless steel and be used in nuclear power, petrochemical, marine and other fields.


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