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What are the components of the plasma induction furnace?

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Which parts of plasma medium frequency furnace body are composed of?

1. Inductor and crucible

The induction coil structure of plasma induction furnace is the same as that of ordinary induction furnace. Adding stirring coil to large capacity furnace.

The bottom of plasma induction furnace is equipped with water-cooled anode, which is one of the components of plasma arc generator.

2. Furnace cover

The furnace cover is of double-layer water-cooling structure. The furnace cover is equipped with a plasma gun, an observation hole, a feeding hopper and a sealing device. Refractory materials are laid in the furnace cover.

3. Furnace shell

The shell of the furnace is of double-layer water-cooling structure, and the inner layer is made of non-magnetic stainless steel plate by welding. The furnace shell is equipped with water inlet and power inlet devices.

4. Accessories

Auxiliary devices such as furnace support and tilting mechanism are similar to induction furnace. In addition, there is a set of argon purification and transportation system, plasma arc generator, etc.

The frequency conversion power supply and coil cooling water system of plasma induction furnace are the same as those of medium frequency induction furnace.

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