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Maintenance skills of induction melting furnace

Time:2021-02-28   Nums:1827

In equipment maintenance, we often find that a lot of energy and time are spent in maintenance, and the final reason is very simple. Such as: wire virtual connection, screw is not tight, water cut, a device burned, etc. In order to shorten the maintenance time, we need to constantly sum up our experience, be diligent in observation, and master some maintenance skills. Just like the doctor who treats the patient, it is necessary to look, smell, ask and cut the intermediate frequency power supply to determine the location of the fault.

Hope: it is to observe the instrument parameters, whether there is heating, redness, screw loosening and other appearance phenomena in the equipment during operation. Here we mainly introduce the relationship between instrument parameters and equipment operation status. During the operation of medium frequency power supply, there is a close relationship between the three instruments of medium frequency voltage, DC voltage and DC current. The normal operation of medium frequency power supply can be judged by observing the parameters of the three instruments.

Smell: only listen to the sound of the equipment when it is running. First, listen to whether there is noise in the middle frequency whistling, whether the sound is continuous, and whether there is a dull vibration sound of the reactor. Second, listen to whether there is the sound of a fire, which is different from the usual sound.

Q: it means to understand the condition of the equipment when it breaks down, to be as detailed as possible, and to understand the operation condition before the equipment breaks down.

Cut: exactly, it means to use oscilloscope, multimeter and other test instruments to measure the waveform, voltage, time, angle, resistance and other parameters of each point to determine the cause of the fault. Do not run the equipment directly after finding the fault point without any detection, because there are other deeper reasons behind the fault point.

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