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What's the reason that induction furnace can't start?

Time:2021-02-14   Nums:1902

When induction furnace cannot be started, the following reasons should be found out:

Check the starting circuit

1) Start whether there is charging voltage on the charging capacitor CSF.

2) Check whether the thyristor or AC contactor is damaged.

3) Whether the load compensation capacitor has breakdown short circuit.

4) Check the load system for open circuit or short circuit.

5) Whether the rectifier bridge freewheeling resistance (pre magnetization circuit) is damaged and whether the wiring is good.

Check the inverter trigger circuit

1) From the induction furnace, if the voltage signal wiring is good.

2) Whether the inverter trigger circuit works normally.

3) Whether the pulse transformer is broken or short circuited.

Check the inverter main circuit

1) Whether the inverter thyristor is damaged (breakdown, open circuit, control board open circuit).

2) Whether the thyristor of rectifier bridge is damaged, and whether the fast fuse is damaged (i.e. lack of phase).

3) Whether the trigger pulse of rectifier is normal.

4) Whether there is static output voltage in current limiting and voltage limiting circuit.

5) Check whether the power regulating potentiometer is damaged and whether the bias voltage is too high or too low when starting.


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