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How many kinds of induction melting furnaces are used for steelmaking?

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How many types of induction furnace are there for steelmaking?

There are five types of medium frequency furnaces for steelmaking.

1) Power frequency induction furnace

Industrial frequency induction furnace is a furnace type which uses industrial frequency power supply (special transformer) for smelting. It is mainly used for smelting all kinds of cast iron and steel, mainly for casting production, capacity: 1.0 ~ 100t.

2) Medium frequency melting furnace

Medium frequency induction furnace is the common name of non vacuum induction furnace. It uses thyristor inverter or frequency multiplier as power supply to increase the frequency of 50 Hz (60 Hz) to 150 ~ 4000 Hz. Medium frequency electric furnace is an important branch of induction furnace, which is mainly used for smelting special steel. The furnace capacity is 0.10 ~ 40t.

3) Vacuum induction furnace

Vacuum induction furnace is a kind of furnace for smelting and casting in vacuum. Similar to the medium frequency induction furnace, the power supply is mainly used for smelting special steel and alloy. The furnace capacity is 0.05 ~ 60t.

4) Plasma induction furnace

Plasma induction furnace is a kind of furnace which is smelted in protective gas and heated by plasma source and medium frequency induction furnace. It is mainly used to produce special steel and alloy with ultra-low carbon, sulfur and phosphorus. The furnace capacity is 0.5 ~ 2T.

5) Pressurized induction furnace

Pressurized induction furnace is used to melt and pour high nitrogen steel with 0.60% n & Ge content in crucible by medium frequency induction heating under 0.2 ~ 2.0MPa nitrogen pressure, with furnace capacity of 0.05 ~ 10t.


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