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Components of induction furnace

Time:2021-02-14   Nums:1816

What are the components of induction furnace?

(1) Furnace body

The structure of induction melting furnace is basically the same as that of power frequency induction furnace. The furnace body is composed of furnace frame, furnace body, furnace cover, crucible, tilting mechanism, cooling water system and power cable.

(2) Power system

Induction furnace power supply has three forms, namely: triple frequency converter, intermediate frequency generator set, SCR inverter and other power supply. Among them, the triple frequency inverter power supply is mainly used for large induction furnace (including vacuum induction furnace) power supply of more than 30t; medium frequency silicon controlled variable frequency power supply is widely used for small and medium induction furnace power supply; medium frequency generator power supply has been replaced by medium frequency silicon controlled variable frequency power supply.

(3) Cooling water system

The part of induction furnace that needs water cooling is the same as that of power frequency furnace. The main cooling parts are: inductor, capacitor, water cooling cable, SCR inverter, etc. The thyristor needs soft water cooling to ensure its normal operation.

(4) Tilting mechanism

The tilting mechanism of induction smelting furnace has the following four forms: lifting tilting mechanism, lead screw driving mechanism, worm wheel tilting mechanism, hydraulic plunger tilting mechanism and so on. The first three of them are mostly used in induction furnaces below 5T, and the hydraulic plunger tilting mechanism is used in large and medium-sized induction furnaces.


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