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Requirements of cooling water for each part of induction furnace

Time:2021-02-14   Nums:1858

The specific requirements of different parts for cooling water are as follows.

(1) Induction coil, capacitor bank, cooling water system

It is cooled by industrial pressure water. The cooling water pressure should be kept at 0.15 ~ 0.20mpa, and the water temperature should be kept at the inlet water temperature of 20 ~ 35 ℃. If the cooling water temperature is too low, condensation will occur, and if the water temperature exceeds 55 ℃, the cooling capacity will be lost. In order to save water, circulating cooling system can be used.

(2) Cooling system of SCR inverter

The cooling water for thyristor should meet the following conditions: the pressure of cooling water should be kept at 0.15Mpa, the water quality should be softened, the hardness should be less than P8, the resistance should be more than 20K & Omega, and the insoluble matter in water should be less than 0.03mg/l.

(3) Cooling water system of other parts

The cooling water system of intermediate frequency furnace and its capacitor bank adopts industrial pressure water, and the specific requirements are the same as those of induction coil.

In order to ensure the use safety of medium frequency electric furnace equipment, the cooling water system should implement centralized water supply and return water. Water pressure alarm device and water cut-off warning device shall be set in waterway to prevent equipment accidents caused by insufficient water pressure or water cut-off.



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