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Physicochemical process of smelting in induction smelting furnace

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The melting process of induction smelting furnace is mainly melting and refining. In the melting process, there are a series of complex physical and chemical reactions between liquid metal, slag, gas and refractory.

Oxidation and deoxidation of elements

In the process of induction furnace smelting, the oxidation and reduction of elements is the most basic physical and chemical process. The burning loss of alloy elements belongs to oxidation, while the deoxidation of molten steel belongs to reduction. Therefore, it is very important to correctly understand and apply the oxidation-reduction law in the smelting process to improve the output and quality of steel and alloy.

Oxygen exists in liquid steel in two states. One is dissolved oxygen, expressed as [O]. The solubility of oxygen increases with the increase of temperature. If the oxygen content of molten steel is too high in the melting process, supersaturation will occur in the condensation process. The supersaturated oxygen precipitates in the form of FeO at the grain boundary and forms low melting point eutectic with FES, resulting in hot embrittlement. The other is that oxygen exists as inclusions in liquid steel. When deoxidizing elements exist in liquid steel, oxygen dissolved in liquid steel will combine with them to form oxide inclusions. There are three main sources of oxygen in molten steel: the invasion of oxygen in atmosphere during smelting and pouring, the introduction of oxygen from raw materials, and the introduction of oxygen from refractories.

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