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How to reduce the nitrogen content of steel in induction melting furnace?

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When smelting high chromium steel and ferritic stainless steel in induction furnace, nitrogen is a harmful element. Measures should be taken to reduce its content.

The main measures are as follows.

(1) Selection of low nitrogen burden

Ferrochrome is the main burden with nitrogen, followed by metal chromium and industrial pure iron. The burden with low nitrogen content should be selected in burden calculation. Generally, the lower the carbon content, the higher the nitrogen content.

(2) Formulate reasonable charging system of induction furnace

The low carbon and micro carbon ferrochromium should not be too big, but should be put into the high temperature region of the crucible to speed up the melting. The vacuum micro carbon iron should be added into the molten steel, and it is not allowed to be loaded with the burden. The charging of furnace charge should be tight down and loose up to facilitate rapid melting.

(3) Increase the quantity of bottom slag and improve the covering effect of slag in induction smelting furnace

In order to reduce the amount of nitrogen absorbed by molten steel from the atmosphere, the amount of slag should be increased, the fluidity of slag should be adjusted, the proportion of fluorite should be appropriately increased, and the amount of lime should be reduced, so as to ensure the good coverage of slag.

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